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Sustainability stories

Sustainability is driven by actions, not by talking. To bring about lasting change that matters.

Sunrise over a wheat field

Consumer responsibility | Stories


to meet the growing demand for better snacks

“Healthier options should taste just as good - not almost as good – as other products. We don’t compromise on taste.”

This is our philosophy when it comes to product innovations. With success - the popularity of our innovative Lentil Chips has proven to be one of the biggest growth drivers of our speciality business.

Lentil Chips

Environmental responsibility | Stories


Contributing to a circular economy through better packaging

We are concerned about the rise in plastic waste in the world and share the concerns many of our consumers have about it. For this reason, we have developed a packaging strategy. Our aim is in line with our circularity ambition: to eliminate all unnecessary packaging, while working towards full recyclability of our packaging materials.

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Social responsibility | Stories


Supporting smallholder farmers in Malawi

“Besides the macadamia seedlings, through this project I received valuable knowledge on the best way to grow macadamias.”

As part of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, Intersnack engages in field projects to create more transparent and sustainable value chains.

A woman with pink bobble hat sits in front of a bush with macadamia fruits